Greetings Earthlings! We’re a new NFT project working on building a solid community of like minded humans. This is a NFT collection inspired by Interstellar Travel, Animals, and making this world a better place.


Profits generated from this project to be donated live on stream! Charities chosen by community. Join discord for weekly giveaways! We come in peace....


The collection is currently growing and evolving! Join us in discord for more information and to become a part of our growing community.


Pete - Pete is, well you see it... A Panda. He brings peace and balance to the team. His ancient knowledge and guidance is rather crucial when navigating the stars to say the least. Want to learn more? Pete's nickname is P3K-A14 because he is from the future, year 3022. His favorite song is Panda. Despite Pete's sarcastic sense of humor and know-it-all attitude, his charm is displayed not only by his planning. But also the trading of bamboo - Grown from his ancestors!


Ryan - Ryan's mane is by far his most valuable asset as a Lion! Prized as if the value was of GOLD. Many attributes help ease tension during disagreements involving the less progressive beings during commute. Great with the ladies. Unfortunately for some, peace is not in the cards. Therefor, Ryan started this team with Panda Pete to promote unity in his home planet, Earth and above. Just look up & listen, can you hear him ROAR?!


Buddy  - Buddy is quick witted as a Labrador Retriever. Always has a joke, too! Mans best friend, right? He is that pup that comes along during every interstellar mission to promote peace from Earth with various species. He is there for you no matter what and never does he judge!  Buddy is often referred to as the life of the party! He loves to boogie down.


Bella - Bella the Bulldog loves her naps, especially during long travels. Her rest is needed as she has unique abilities such as being able to detect medical emergencies. She has the ability to heal and her love mends the soul. This pup deserves extra treats!


Gary - Gary the Grey is frustrated. He doesn't appreciate our treatment of mother Earth and her resources. He often lurks in the shadows snooping and monitoring the team, always seems to know what's next...


Buck  - Just like Buddy. Buck has quite the yapper. He is very persuasive and uses that to his advantage. Mostly for treats. He is fully capable of taking the lead and is quick to overstep his boundary. "Ranking" is not a word in Buck's vocabulary.


Chuck - Chuck the Chihuahua is feeling good today. He doesn't like his new food. Can he have some of yours?